About Us

Located in Montreal, MyCLoud.ca (MyCLoud) offers IT services to businesses throughout Québec and Canada. Services offered include:

  • Infrastructure management (such as server room, private Cloud, hosted environments)
  • Migration of applications and data to the Cloud
  • Onsite maintenance and diagnostic services
  • Remote monitoring of IT environment including virtual and Cloud based ones
  • Conversion of traditional IT environment to Distributed Computing environment (where data and applications located on local servers, private and public clouds are seamlessly merged to provide a single point of access to users)
  • Consultancy to assist businesses in
    • Optimizing resource use
    • Reducing acquisition and operational costs
    • Evaluating benefits of switching to virtual IT environments
    • Transferring legacy applications to modern environments
    • Conducting security audits and implementing enhanced security measures
    • Improving connectivity and bandwidth use between branches