Implementing and stacking appliances to procure all functions required by clients (eg  firewalls, VPN, failover, IDS IPS, … ) teams at MyCloud often had to deal with incompatibilities between devices.  It was also observed cost to implement a thorough solution was often steep and beyond the reach of SMEs.   To bypass these constraints,  MyCloud is offering a next generation gateway, the DCI Connect, that integrates in a single device all functions normally found in 2 to 3 devices.

DCI Connect is available as a device (hardware) or as a service (virtual).  Besides integrating all functions required to provide security and manage connectivity, DCI Connect can be used to failover the Internet connection to a cellular network ( 3G 4G) would the main internet connection fail.  This option is available at a minimal cost as the only fee incurred when the line is in standby is the subscription to the service.  Charges for data is only charged when some data is streamed.   To limit billing, DCI Connect will sort traffic in order that only essential information is shared (e.g. transactions).  Non essential information (such as daily inventory update) will be held until the main connection is back.

When DCI Connect is used between branches and headquarter, it creates a link that is highly encrypted and quasi impossible to breach.   Besides the high security level provided by the device, MyCloud remotely monitors the connection to detect any unusual activities. Unusual activities are identified as events not expected to occur in a given time or situation.  For instance, DCI Connect would alert the Monitoring Center if it detected data being streamed continuously on a given day.  Depending on the risks involved, people at the Monitoring Center would alert the client’s IT manager or proceed to interrupt streaming.