Infrastructure management

Infrastructure management is offered to either complement the expertise of your IT team or to have MyCloud be fully responsible of your IT environment good operation and maintenance

Management services can be dispensed via  onsite visits (scheduled or on demand) or through remote monitoring of the IT environment (e.g. CPU, storage, memory, applications,…).

All services are offered from Canadian based teams fluent in French and English.   Technical assistance is available throughout the day. You can contact the dispatch and first response department by calling, emails and SMS.  Given your environment is remotely monitored, it will automatically alert our monitoring center via Internet if unusual events are detected.

Once notified, first responders will immediately look at the situation. If the IT environment is accessible remotely, they will try to remotely solve issues observed.  If required, they will transfer the case to a senior technicians.   When issues can’t be resolved remotely, a technician with the required expertise is dispatched to your location.  Response time is tailored to the gravity of the incident and the level of service agreed on with MyCloud (for instance, people onsite within an hour, within a day,….).

Remote monitoring and intervention spare clients from paying the time required for technicians to go on premises. It can also translate in much shorter periods ( a few minutes) to get systems back to their regular status.

We have strong expertise in managing hybrid environment. An hybrid environment is one where the email server (e.g. Exchange) is located in the Public Cloud while applications (such as accounting) are hosted locally on your servers or in an hosting center.  To work seamlessly, systems need to be synchronized even if they are located on different environment and different sites.  To be exempt from unauthorized access or intrusion, comprehensive security measures need to be deployed to protect each environment whether users access it locally or remotely.  To match fluctuating demand by users accessing the environment, rules modulating resource allocation need to be implemented.

Businesses are regularly consulting us to find answers to the situations mentioned above.  They are looking for advices on how to tailor their IT environments to be compliant to the latest security and disaster recovery standards, to match their needs and to select solutions that will evolve throughout the years so clients won’t have to dispose of hardware and applications they just invested in.