Remote monitoring

Computers and the applications they support are now essential to carry most business processes.  Without them,  no emails and documents can be shared, some POS (Point of Sale) can’t process transactions, data can’t be processed and services dispensed.

Being essential to carry business processes, managers expect IT environments to run smoothly and deliver at all time the output expected.   Failures or unusual events affecting performance are expected to be promptly taken care of.

The most expeditive way to get issues noticed and handled by IT teams is to relay information on the system status instantly and automatically.

MyCloud’ s Monitoring Center is tracking every IT environments connected to it in real time.  Operating systems, (OS), hardware, websites, applications,… can be monitored.  When a deviance is observed, alerts are automatically relayed to our monitoring center.  Depending on the alert, first responders will handle the issue themselves or will dispatch it to a more senior technician, often with a more specific expertise.

Communication running both ways between the monitoring center and our client’s system, actions can be initiated remotely on the affected area.  Depending on results observed, additional interventions are taken until the system operates properly.  Over the years, we have observed that 90% of issues met can be solved remotely and that systems are resuming normal operation within minutes.

Data on the system’s status and performance flows continuously towards the monitoring center. This data is processed statistically to detect trends and build baselines.  These are used as references (yardsticks) to anticipate issues with IT environments and to initiate preventive actions.